e eu que pensava que a gonorreia (gonô para os íntimos) era doença do passado

A gonorreia está aumentando nos EUA e tornando-se resistente aos antibióticos.

Gonorrhea is an even bigger worry. After dropping in the 90’s, plateauing, and then hitting an all-time low in 2009, reported rates of gonorrhea have begun to rise steadily again. To make matters worse, the disease is now often impossible to treat: In 2013, the CDC assigned it an “urgent threat” level for antibiotic resistance—the highest the organization has, indicating that crisis could be imminent. As many as 30% of gonorrhea infections (pdf) are resistant to all available antibiotics, and many more will resist at least one antibiotic, so the current recommendation is to treat with a combination of two. (qz.com)

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